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Surgically Clean Air Filtration

Adequate air circulation and a well-filtered supply of fresh air are of utmost importance in a dental office since poor air ventilation can have adverse effects on patients’ health. In a dental clinic, the use of chemicals and sterilizing substances or disinfectant sprays is common; also the tiny particles of dental fillings and other materials used during dental treatment can remain floating in air, if the air purification system does not work properly.

In our modern clinic, we ensure the constant ventilation of pure clean air, using the latest technology of Surgically Clean Air. This technology filters and purifies air in 6 stages, the four initial stages include capturing the airborne particles and pollutants and the final two stages eliminate any types of VOCs, viruses and bacteria. This pioneering technology helps our clinic reach the ultimate standard for hygiene and guarantee your health and comfort.

Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation

TMD is a common dysfunction which causes painful headaches and muscle strain and also disrupts the normal function of the jawbone. We offer the therapeutic technology of TENS to help improve the mobility of jaw muscles and joints in our patients who suffer from Temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation is focused on your nervous system and induces movement stimuli in the nerves of your jaw muscles by safe short electric pulses. This will gradually lead to significant improvements in your symptoms and provide better jaw mobility and ultimately help you improve the quality of your life.

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Intraoral Camera

A More Clear View of Your Oral Health

Identifying oral issues in the very early stages reduces the possible need for complex lengthy procedures and saves your time, energy and money. However, sometimes x-ray, alone, cannot give the dentist a clear picture of your mouth. In such cases, we integrate technology into our treatment process, using an intraoral camera.

Intraoral cameras are great tools, assisting you and your dentist with detailed information about the condition of your teeth. This device is the size of the dental mirror that we normally use during regular cleaning and checkup sessions. Therefore, you would not feel any discomfort or even notice any change. But it provides a close-up view of all the surfaces in your mouth and gives you a great opportunity to better see and understand the condition of your teeth. This quite convenient device also helps you reach a more satisfactory conclusion about your dental treatment options, when you are in doubt. Our team at Smile Garden is dedicated to maintaining your oral health and spares no effort to provide you with the most recent techniques and technologies.   

Digital X-rays

The team of Smile Garden has always strived to stay ahead of others, keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in dentistry. As a result, we provide the safest, most convenient, and precise radiography system in our clinic.

Compared to traditional X-rays, digital X-rays are much safer as they expose the patients to significantly lower levels of radiation. The digital X-ray photos also indicate far more detail and a clearer view of your dental issue, which can greatly decrease the cost of your treatment by ensuring an accurate diagnosis. At Smile Garden, we prioritize your convenience and satisfaction and do our best to exceed your expectations.