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At Smile Garden Dental, your severely decayed & infected teeth are preserved through pain-free root canal therapy in Toronto.

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Advanced Root Canal Therapy in Toronto

If you’re seeking professional root canal therapy in Toronto to save your infected teeth, Smile Garden Dental is the ideal choice. 

Our team of highly skilled dental professionals employs advanced dentistry tools and the latest dental technology to deliver exceptional root canal therapy in Toronto.

 We are committed to providing world-class treatment to preserve your infected teeth.

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In Need of Pain-free Root Canal Procedures in Toronto?

If you want to meet an exceptional dental professional specializing in endodontics in Toronto, Look no further than Smile Garden Dental. Our accomplished endodontist in Toronto boasts extensive experience and expertise in handling complex root canal treatments.

 We also take pride in providing other services such as tooth extractionwisdom tooth extractionteeth whiteningInvisalign, and more. 

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Who Needs Root Canal Therapy?

When a patient suffers from severely damaged or infected tooth pulp, root canal therapy will be suggested. This emergency dental condition can cause pain, sensitivity, and swelling. Reasons for the procedure include:

Only a qualified dentist or endodontist can determine the necessity of root canal therapy through evaluation, symptom assessment, and diagnostic tests. And if you are looking for a root canal therapy specialist in Toronto, you can visit us at Smile Garden Dental. 

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy ?

 Root canal therapy provides numerous benefits for dental patients, such as pain relief, preservation of natural teeth, enhanced oral health, restored chewing ability, natural aesthetics, long-term effectiveness, and improved overall health. This procedure effectively addresses tooth pain, prevents tooth removal, eliminates infections, saves money, restores functionality, enhances appearance, offers lasting solutions, and promotes overall well-being. Consult the Toronto root canal treatment expert at Smile Garden Dental to learn more about this treatment’s wide array of benefits. 

FAQs about Our Root Canal Treatment

If you are going to undergo root canal therapy and feel afraid and stressed, you can have a look at our FAQs part to get the needed information. Besides, you can contact our highly-skilled Toronto root canal specialists if a question is not included in the list. 

The difficulty of the treatment varies based on factors like tooth location, root canal anatomy, and the extent of infection or damage. In addition, some challenges may arise, such as curved canals or retreatment cases, but advancements in dental technology have improved success rates. Although complex, dentists with expertise in endodontics routinely carry out root canals effectively.

To promote healing and long-term success after root canal therapy, follow these guidelines:

  • Stick to a proper oral hygiene and dental cleaning rules to take care around the treated tooth.
  • Use dental floss or special cleaners to clean between your teeth, including the treated tooth.
  • Avoid hard or crunchy foods, especially initially have softer foods. Gradually reintroduce harder items following your dentist’s advice.

Expect sensitivity in the treated tooth for a few days or weeks. Consult our Toronto root canal therapy specialist if it persists or worsens.