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You can always entrust your urgent dental needs, especially tooth extraction, to Smile Garden Dental. We proudly provide pain-free tooth extraction in Toronto to preserve your healthy smile as our paramount priority.

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Painless Tooth Extraction in Toronto

Our professional dentists at Smile Garden Dental are ready to offer you and your family high-quality and affordable tooth extraction services in Toronto if you are struggling with painful tooth decay, a troublesome broken tooth, or feel like your wisdom teeth are causing the misalignment of your precious smile.

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Smile Garden Dental is where you should stop if you need the help of a top-rated dental professional who is an expert at providing gentle tooth extraction in Toronto & the neighborhood. 

Moreover, our clinic, Smile Garden Dental is well-reputed to provide exceptional cosmetic dental treatments including, teeth whitening, dental implants, and Invisalign. Call us immediately if you need more information in this regard.

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How Do We Perform Our Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Removing damaged teeth involves several steps that are listed below:

The Initial Step

The first step in tooth extraction is a full examination. Your dentist needs a complete picture of your tooth to accurately determine the extent of the damage and the state of your gums and tooth roots. Therefore, you should have an X-ray taken before the extraction.

The Second Step

After examining your situation, your doctor will discuss the different anesthetics options with you to avoid feeling any pain during the procedure. Our Toronto tooth extraction Specialist explains that tooth extraction can be carried out using local anesthesia or complete sedation .
Based on the complexity and duration of your required treatment or your level of dental anxiety, your dentist may suggest a simple pill, gas, or IV injections.

The final Step

Once your tooth and the surrounding gum area are numb, the dentist will loosen your tooth using a special instrument or make an incision on your gum if your tooth is broken at the gum line to pull out the tooth. Finally, your empty tooth socket is disinfected and cleaned; gauze is placed over or stitched to hasten the healing process.

FAQs Provided by Our Professional Tooth Extraction Specialist

Tooth extraction or complete tooth removal can be considered the last resort among the available dental treatment options. With the help of our knowledgeable tooth extraction expert, we provide a list of common questions our patients ask before their treatments begin to make well-informed about this beneficial treatment.

As discussed previously, your dentist may suggest extracting your tooth if there is no way of saving it. For instance, your tooth might be extremely decayed, badly broken, or severe damage to your gums due to gum disease or an accumulated abscess. Furthermore, in some crowded teeth, your orthodontist may need to remove one tooth to free up space in your jaw to align your teeth.

At Smile Garden Dental, we are proud to work with a professional dental team to save your natural teeth through root canal therapy or other restorative dentistry options. They will try their best to provide top-notch tooth extraction in Toronto when there’s no way to save them.

The extracted tooth site generally heals over 2-3 days, and you can return to your normal routine. But during these 48-72 hours, you should follow instructions to prevent excessive bleeding and damage and increase the speed of your recovery. Our Toronto tooth extraction expert will ask you to:

Maintain Oral Hygiene: You must keep the extraction site clean to avoid any risk of infection. Your doctor may recommend gargling salted water or rinsing the area with antimicrobial mouthwash 3 times a day. You should brush your teeth but be careful not to brush directly over the extracted tooth area.

Eat Soft and Healthy Food: Biting and chewing dry and hard food on the first and second day after the treatment may open the incision and cause bleeding. Also, the food particles may find their way into your tooth socket and make you susceptible to infection.

Take All the Prescribed Medications: Painkillers and antibiotics are normally prescribed to relieve the pain and help you recover faster. You should take your medications regularly according to directions.

Avoid Strenuous Activity: Strenuous activities may lead to later complications or excessive bleeding. You should avoid hard physical activities for at least two days after the extraction.

If you are searching for a modern high-tech dental clinic with a well-equipped team of dentists to deal with your dental needs, we are ready to provide comprehensive services like urgent dental care, wisdom tooth extraction, endodontics, and tooth extraction in Toronto.