What Types of Procedures Can an Oral Surgeon Provide?

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These days, many still visit a dentist and don’t make an appointment unless they are in very bad pain. Fear of dentistry is a very common problem that can cause severe issues if left overlooked. Fortunately, there are many different techniques to overcome this fear in order to receive the highest quality of services. Our experienced dentists at Smile Garden Dental can provide you with personalized cure plans to treat your problems effectively. A very popular method dentists use for patients who are extremely scared of dentistry is using dental sedation. These options aren’t only for invasive and painful treatments; and they are very effective to calm down stressful and anxious patients. Our sedation dentists in Toronto can carefully examine your condition to understand what type of sedation works best. Furthermore, there are many procedures requiring the expertise of a sedation dentist to be performed perfectly. Remember, your anxiety and fear of dentistry shouldn’t hold you back from getting the oral care services you demand to preserve your smile. Today’s blog explains the services sedation dentistry offers to understand more about its benefits.

Non-Invasive Treatments: Many get surprised when they understand the importance of dental sedation in non-invasive treatments. The fact is many patients with severe levels of dental anxiety need a little dose of sedation to feel relaxed and let the dentist do his job. Otherwise, the treatment can’t be performed as well as it should. It’s a very popular technique our Toronto restorative dentists use in order to perform the simplest procedures like root planning and so on. Laughing gas is the typical sedation dentists use when they want to perform such non-invasive procedures.

Minor Oral Surgery: The most obvious services expected from sedation professionals are related to oral surgery. Almost all types of oral surgeries need different doses of dental sedation to be performed in the most straightforward way possible. Our experienced Toronto implant dentists also cooperate with reliable sedation experts when they want to place titanium posts into a patient’s jawbone. Furthermore, they are needed if you should undergo tooth removal or other invasive procedures like root canals, etc. Patients can choose from two different sedations, including general and local anesthesia. But it’s better to listen to your dentist’s advice and trust what they do. Using this technique helps you experience a smooth, painless, and quick treatment with the least risk possible. 

Cosmetic Treatments: Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular among patients. But unfortunately, many avoid these procedures because they fear pain during the process. The good news is dental sedation is also used by our cosmetic dentists in Toronto to provide patients with the best possible services. No matter if you want to undergo an in-office teeth whitening or dental veneer process, you can ask your dentist to use a proper dose of sedation to help you overcome your fear and anxiety. 

If you need more information, call our clinic and book an appointment. Our professionals can help you find the best way to enhance your smile with the least amount of fear and anxiety.

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