When Is Tooth Removal Recommended with Dental Implants

If you have missed one or more teeth, you need to consider this situation life-threatening as it can damage the health and beauty of your smile. Many people worldwide experience this trauma while they play physical sports due to an accident, an impact on their faces, etc. The thing that really matters is your reaction to this situation, which determines your chance to restore your smile. The best choice you can ever make is to visit our specialists at Smile Garden Dental to understand which approach you need to pick according to your requirements.

They professionally guide you through this condition and show you the right path. Implants are the most popular treatment many pick due to their unique features and advantages. But sometimes, your dentist may recommend our Toronto tooth removal services before getting those implants, which is quite contradictory. There are many reasons that can explain this recommendation, but its major and overall aim is to improve your oral health as much as possible while preventing further problems. Today’s blog discusses situations when your specialist may suggest extraction with implants.


If you have experienced traumatic incidents like a car crash or sports collision, you may need to have the damaged tooth removed. These are common dental traumas that can make your tooth severely fractured and cracked, and your dentist has no other option but to remove it before replacing it. In rarer instances, it can cause serious jaw damage. You can visit our dentists, as we offer the best jaw-related services in Toronto if you are dealing with such problems.


One of the reasons your dentist may suggest removal is when your teeth are too crowded. As our Toronto dental hygienists explain, this situation makes your hygiene routine not as effective as it should be because some surfaces of your teeth are inaccessible. Moreover, it can also be done before you get our Toronto Invisalign or braces in order to create enough space for teeth straightening. In this situation, there is usually no need for implants unless there is a gap that hasn’t been filled.


Most of them can be easily repaired by fillings in case you don’t leave them overlooked. Our restorative dentists in Toronto offer the highest quality of services to repair your teeth with cavities if you meet them at the right time. However, some extremely large cavities can’t be saved by fillings or root canal treatment, and removal is the only available choice. Then, you can replace it with an implant or any other treatment you want, depending on your needs and preferences.


Many think third morals are the only teeth that can become impacted during the eruption. While we offer the best Toronto wisdom tooth removal services, we need to explain how other teeth can become impacted, too. These teeth are usually invisible and are blocked by a lingering baby tooth, a gum cyst, or another permanent tooth. After extraction, you can use our dental implants in Toronto to replace that impacted tooth perfectly.

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